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About Us

Our firm offers a comprehensive suite of expert services including roof design, contract management, detailed written specifications, thorough roof condition assessments, and rigorously quality-assured inspection services during roof remediation or construction phases. As esteemed professional members of the External link opens in new tab or windowIIBEC (International Institute of Building Envelope Consultants) and a recognized third-party inspection agency by the External link opens in new tab or windowRCABC (Roofing Contractors Association of BC), our credentials speak to our commitment to excellence and industry standards. Westcoast Roof Inspection Services takes pride in its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an exemplary A+ rating, reflecting our unwavering dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction.

Strategically located on Vancouver Island, our reach extends beyond, encompassing the Lower Mainland and various regions across British Columbia. We specialize in servicing commercial buildings and townhome complexes, ensuring that our expertise is directed towards establishments requiring our specialized skill set. Please note, our services are exclusively offered to commercial and multi-dwelling residential properties, and do not extend to individual residential homes.

Why Hire a Roof Consultant?

Roof consulting represents a sector composed of highly specialized professionals, deeply versed in both practical and theoretical aspects of roofing and its associated sciences. Distinctively impartial, these consultants neither engage in the sale nor the installation of roofing systems, nor are they affiliated with entities that do. Their core mission is to propel advancements in roofing technology and scientific understanding, aiming to substantially enhance the structural integrity of buildings, maximize value for property owners, and significantly improve the living or working conditions for occupants.




Roof Condition Assessments

In strategizing the long-term outlook of your property, initiating a roof condition assessment is an essential preliminary step. Our comprehensive assessments deliver a detailed report outlining the current state and anticipated longevity of your roofing system. This report includes a meticulous evaluation of any deficiencies, requisite maintenance activities, and tailored recommendations for necessary repairs. Furthermore, it provides a carefully estimated projection of roof replacement costs and a photographic log offering a visual reference of site conditions to facilitate your decision-making process and assist in future repair undertakings.

Roof Consulting

Our suite of services encompasses meticulous roof design, proficient contract management, and comprehensive written specifications, all aimed at ensuring the seamless progression of your roof remediation project. Our expertise extends to offering insightful technical advice for newly constructed buildings. By collaborating closely with architects and engineers during the initial roof design phase, our objective is to optimize efficiency, minimize expenditures, and guarantee the delivery of the highest quality roofing solution for your new establishment.

Leveraging our pragmatic approach, coupled with extensive hands-on trade experience and in-depth knowledge, we proactively mitigate the potential for substantial cost overruns that often stem from design oversights due to lack of experience. Our commitment lies in ensuring that your project benefits from our foresight and precision, safeguarding it against avoidable financial burdens.


Quality Assured Roof Inspections

In our commitment to uphold the highest standards of quality and adherence to precise specifications, we offer comprehensive quality assured roof inspections throughout the entire duration of your project. This proactive approach ensures meticulous oversight of the construction's progress from inception to completion.

Our team of inspectors boasts certification from the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC) and holds the esteemed Registered Roof Observers (RRO) designation, a testament to their expertise and rigorous training. Further augmenting their credentials is their trade qualification in roofing, equipping them with an extensive and practical understanding of roofing materials, installation processes, and best practices.

This fusion of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience positions our inspectors uniquely, enabling them to provide insightful, detail-oriented inspections that ensure your roofing project meets and exceeds the expected standards of quality.


As preeminent authorities in our domain, we have consistently set the standard for excellence in British Columbia's roofing industry for over a quarter of a century. Our extensive portfolio, showcasing successful management of roofing contracts exceeding $100,000,000, stands testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability. Notably, our impeccable track record is devoid of any premature roof failures, underscoring our dedication to delivering superior, lasting solutions.



In orchestrating the roof replacement for your facility, our services are tailored to meticulously address the unique requirements of your building or complex. We offer a spectrum of solutions, each designed to seamlessly align with the distinct characteristics and needs of your property, ensuring a cohesive and strategic approach to roof replacement.



Our team embodies a wealth of experience, positioning us ideally to address the full spectrum of your roofing requirements. Spanning from expert technical consultations to comprehensive oversight of design and construction management, our profound knowledge base ensures the exemplary execution of your project. We are dedicated to precision and excellence, guaranteeing that your roofing initiative is accomplished with the utmost proficiency.